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Meet Michael Wenniger
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Meet Dr. JJ Levine
President Essanté Organics
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CMO Essanté Organics
Angie - Shares the Essanté Organics vision and business opportunity! (Click Here)

Meet Daniel Wenniger
CIO Essanté Organics
Daniel talks about the history and mission of Essanté Organics. Eye opening information about chemicals, cancer and other health issues. (Click Here)
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About Essanté Organics

Dr. JJ Levine mentions multiple pages of signed organic certifications in the very first video on this page. Some people want solid proof that a company that makes organic and toxin free claims, actually has the certifications to back them up. You can also find this link, and many others on our "Products" page. (Essanté Organics Certifications - 71 Pages)

"With Essanté Organics - ANYTHING's Possible!" All Essanté Organics products are certified 100% Toxin Free by the "ToxicFree Foundation". Essanteé is also proud to announce the release of the new Essential Oils and Elements division! Expect amazing results!

Michael Wenniger, CEO/President and Founder of Essanté Organics embraces a personal philosophy and company mission that go hand-in-hand -to make a positive difference in people’s lives through Toxin Free Organic Living. Born in Wisconsin, Michael learned valuable personal and business development skills from his peers at an early age that included caring about people and operating by the Golden Rule.

Embracing the notion that long term health is something people need to invest in today, Michael leveraged his 20+ years’ experience in the wellness industry with his passion for creating Organic ways to keep people healthy. He founded Essanté Organics in 2009. The Company has become an industry leader providing organic and/or wild crafted products supported by a very simple compensation plan designed to help people live healthier, more rewarding lives.

Michael’s contagious energy, “Anything’s Possible Attitude” and fresh approach to marketing are just a few qualities that set him apart as an Entrepreneur and Progressive Pioneer in Green Organic Living. He aligns himself with a Team of Experts in every area, helping to position the Company as one of the top, internationally recognized Leaders in the Health and Wellness industry. He’s known for delivering unique patented, organic-based formulations and Rewarding Home-Based, Business models.

Michael’s unique leadership style – thinking as an Associate first and a Corporate Officer second – has generated countless accolades and recognition as an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Success Coach and Mentor. An advocate of “Paying it Forward,” Michael devotes many of his personal and corporate resources giving back to the community to help enrich the lives of others in need.

Michael relishes every moment he can to spend with families across the Globe. He serves on several boards and is working closely with organizations to introduce Organic programs into schools across the world. He and his Home Office Team are committed to working with various nonprofit organizations to help the world live healthier lives – one family at a time. For every product purchased, the Company makes a contribution to Worldwide Organizations chosen by the Associates themselves. By the end of 2010, Michael’s goal is to help hundreds of thousands of families receive the gift of Green Organic Toxin Free Living.

Michael pays for NO Advertising for his Company. He’s appeared on TV and in more media print than any other leader in this industry. The media attention has been focused on Essante Worldwide because of the incredible performance of their products – which range from patented weight management to alkalizing nutritional and organic skin and personal care products.

Essanté Organics has been invited and re-invited to / participated in numerous Red Carpet events – including the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards, The Oscars, MTV Music Awards and many others. Their products have been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, OK Magazine, and Star. Michael has been featured on Extra TV 11 times as well as more International Stations around the world than any other company in this industry’s history. Essanté Organics is based on one simple concept; teaching the world how to live green!